Folk Instruments 


We stock a large variety of folk instruments such as Accordions, Banjos, Mandolins, Ukelules and even Penny Whistles.


Are you into something a little different, maybe you want to have a go at duelling banjos but need an instrument? Try us for a range of 4, or 5 string Banjos, or even a 6 string Guitar Banjo. We are a dealer for Ozark and have a substantial range of Ozark Banjos and Mandolins in stock, if we don't have the one you want we can order one in a matter of days.

Otherwise maybe a Mandolin or a Ukulele will suit you.

We are even supporters of the long-forgotten Autoharp.

We have many other items too large to list. Check us out and we will try and supply you with something to inspire.

We often carry a small range of used folk instruments.

We stock many popular brands such as:
And many more.

We also carry a large range of Harmonicas.

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