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Musidoku - The Musical Sudoku Opus 2

Forty-four more puzzles to tickles your musical brain cells.

Musidoku Opus 2 is a further collection of puzzles that will be welcomed by all fans of the hugely successful first book by Master Musidokist Antony Kearns.

The forty-four puzzles use the same pattern as the standard Sudoku puzzle, but feature musical symbols instead of numbers. Varying the original theme, this second collection adds five more symbols to the roster of nine used in the first book, making fourteen in all, with the combination changing from puzzle to puzzle.

Progressively graded - from simple Tuning Up exercises, via Moderato, Rigoroso and Virtuoso levels to a fiendish Maestro finale - Musidoku Opus 2 will give enjoyment to all Musidoku lovers, from absolute beginners to the seriously addicted.