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Crackers: Hand Bells Box of 8

Eight handmade deluxe Christmas Crackers with a musical twist! Each cracker contains a snap, joke, party hat and musical handbell to make your very own merry Christmas orchestra.

For an unforgettably tuneful time at the table this Christmas, each set of crackers comes with a conductor's baton, sheet of music, numbered badges and a handbell tuned to a different note. One person assumes the role of conductor and, according to the card provided, instructs the members of the orchestra when to play. The whole ensemble combines to form a festive tune.

With a few tunes to play, all of your friends and family can join together to be united through the power of music. These crackers have been a firm favourite with many people for bringing a touch of music to their household, as well as for being an often-hilarious antidote to the usual boring crackers that everyone has seen before.

So when everyone has had enough turkey, the Queen's Christmas speech has sent nearly everyone to sleep, pull these crackers and enjoy the festive fun that comes with all ages joining in with the melodious ensemble of these Handbell Christmas Crackers.